About PeerMonitor

Peer Monitor was written for fun by Daniel Clarke.

For fun? Yes, it was needed in a home network where MS Internet Connection Sharing was used to share a single dial-up. We needed to see if the gateway computer was turned on, whether the connection was open, and who (if anyne) was left computing (so someone would not hang-up the modem if there was another user still possibly surfing).
It was written in London and Dunstable, Great Britain
It is written in Visual Basic 6
VB6 Apache Perl
It uses the following API calls:
*    IcmpCreateFile - create a "file" to pipe ICMP socket to
*    IcmpCloseHandle - remove this "file" (close the handle)
*    IcmpSendEcho - send ICMP echo request of "Echo This"
*    WSAGetLastError - get any WinSock errors
*    WSAStartup - Initialise Winsock
*    WSACleanup - Close down Winsock
*    gethostname - Resolve a name into a packed address
*    RtlMoveMemory - get the data
PM Team would like to thank the following people for their help in developing a great final product:
*   Claudio Piombetti Early testing
*   Donald Dixon Testing version 1.5 and advice on two-column support
*   Steve Jackson Showing me the ICMP routines
*   John Glasscoc Conceiving two-column support
*   Rich, Neil, Phil @ Brixton For "forcing" me to write this program

From our users:
"I just want to say PM is great! Thanks for your hard work and willingness to share with all!"
- Jack